Welcome to Villa Vergaia

Nested in beautiful Tuscany, upon the hills of Orbicciano, is a Villa surrounded by olive trees, grape vines, and perfectly manicured gardens. Known by two names, Villa Vergaia and Villa San Giorgio (both with history), the Villa has been a careful creation of Sonja Muller, and reflects a merging of ancient design and modern positive living.

Inspired by the movie “Enchanted April”, a move in which four English women (from different walks of life) lives’ are forever changed when they leave post World War 1 England and rent a Villa on the Italian Riviera, Sonja sought out a Villa in Italy for her 40th Birthday Getaway. She fell in love with the country, and sought a Villa of her own.

She found this farm house, former convent, surrounded by olive trees, fruit trees and a Vineyard, and instantly fell in love with it and could see the potential. The Villa has undergone years of improvements and effort, keeping in line with the authentic feel, but bringing about a integrated living approach. Authentic architecture and design, finished off with integrated audio systems, and an entertainment setup.

Construction of the pool and entertainment area was the last touch, and inspired by places such a Nikki Beach in St. Tropez, it sits in contrast with the ancient villa upon the hill, and brings the perfect mix of new and old. Lighting was key, and is imminent through the glass laminated bar table, where at night lights light up the bar counter. A large wooden table and bulky surround couches make for an easy living area in which days can be spent doing whatever the heart pleases....eating, reading, music.

Upon arriving, an instant feeling of peace and tranquility sets in. One cannot help but admire the landscape and surroundings, no matter how many times you’ve been there.